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How ImageFIRST Lancaster Can Make a Difference in Mandatory Healthcare Survey Results

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Jan 4, 2016 9:22:16 AM

As every Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Center is doubtless already aware, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have recently announced an industry-changing survey, designed to help facilities gather an accurate picture of the patient care they provide from the unique perspectives of the patients themselves. The facilities who complete these surveys – optional through 2016, and mandatory beginning in 2017 – will need to receive over 300 responses, helping to acquire a well-rounded representation of all patients’ experiences.

It is in the nature of the medical field to provide for the utmost in patient comfort whenever possible, but finding out what makes patients feel confident and comfortable in their care has proven a difficult task. With the Affordable Care Act and the CAHPS survey, it has become abundantly evident that healthcare consumers possess more buying power than ever, shifting the healthcare industry towards greater transparency. So how to provide for patient comfort?

At ImageFIRST Lancaster and at all of our locations nationwide, we’ve come to understand through our own research and experience that it’s sometimes the “little” things that count the most.

Take our Comfort Care line of patient gowns and robes. Designed with patient comfort firmly in mind, these remarkable garments provide unparalleled coziness and warmth, making for a happy surprise for those who expect the usual thin, tissue-paper-like gown or rough-hewn fabric. Medical providers who have switched to our gowns are just as pleasantly surprised to see the rates by which their patients’ satisfaction raises after implementing the gowns; in one case study, patient perception of a medical facility that switched to Comfort Care garments saw an increase of 400%!

It’s not just our unusually soft, comfortable line of gowns that help us help our clients improve overall performance. Our personalized care, provided by dedicated Customer Advocates who grow to know the individual needs of each of the clinics they serve, helps providers to save time and aggravation; we strive to take the burden of ordering, adjusting and unpacking healthcare laundry from our clients in order for them to concentrate on what matters most – patient care.

Interested in seeing the remarkable differences in healthcare laundry services provided by ImageFIRST Lancaster, the Philadelphia nurse uniform provider? Give us a call at 1-800-932-7472 to learn more about how our healthcare laundry services can help your facility see success.